A day late, a dollar short and a repeat offender!  In my quest to be consistent with "journaling" here on Birth of a Fashion Blogger (even when there is no new drip to share) I bring you one of my favorite looks to date.  I originally wore this dress in December 2017 to my company's Holiday party.  I learned that year that my job does it BIG and that I needed to bring the heat!  I didn't shoot this dress until about a year later, which still boggles the mind as to why I didn't do it then.  I remember there being the dumbest issue with Fashion Nova surrounding how I ended up with this dress (so much that I've that proclaimed to NEVER purchase from them again).  I will go into why we are repeat offending down below, but UGH - this dress!

Sooo, why no new fit Chanda?  I'll tell you why!  I had my Covid-19 booster shot on Friday and knew that I would possibly be a little "off" over the weekend.  The truth though?  MAN DOWN!!  When I got the 1st shot, I was fine - second shot, took me all the way out.  Going into the booster, I set realistic expectations that I could possible experience mild side effects.  I didn't think it would be as bad as it was.   This time around, I only had bad body/joint aches, a mild fever, and the worlds WORST headache!  The kind of headache that makes you want to end it all.  I was "man down" all day Saturday, took some Tylenol and the headache went away.  Thank you JESUS!  Once the headache was gone, the focus was on the joint pain - Tylenol didn't take that away, so I just played the waiting game with this one.  I did eventually get up Sunday and had plans on attempting to shoot an outfit, but the weather had a different story for me.  Rain/Snow all day - it just wasn't in the cards to do anything productive over the weekend!

dress: windsor store || jewelry: f21|| shoes: justfab

Kinda happy all that is over with now - I usually have most, if not all side effects of any medication that I take, so I knew that something was going to go down.  I just didn't expect it to be so bad.  I joked with Ish (my hubby, gotta start naming him so that you guys get familiar) that if there was another vaccine booster, I may have to bow out gracefully or completely medicate with either Tylenol or Motrin before and after it.  All jokes aside, I am feeling a lot better, so let's get into this dress!

Ahhh, this dress!  The thing with fast fashion stores - aka Fashion Nova, is that they don't value their customer after they've managed to take their money.  I've noticed this also with Forever 21, whom I won't place orders online with anymore.  Story behind this is that I ordered this very dress originally from Fashion Nova in Burgundy, the order came and I received a COMPLETELY different item!  I emailed, called, borderline harassed FN on IG and not one response back from them!  NOTHING!  I did eventually file a dispute with PayPal (for some reason, I used PayPal and I am so glad that I did) and got my money back after their investigation because they never responded to them either.  Fortunately, I did end up getting my "dream" dress, just in this navy color - but I love it!!  So much so, you could be seeing it again soon?  Maybe?  My luck with Windsor has been good so far, but y'all, keeping my fingers crossed.

#LETTUCEPRAY that nothing happens to avoid me shooting this weekend.  I have a few things planned, but nothing that should take up too much time.  I hope that you guys are doing well and I look forward to dropping some heat next week! 

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